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Writing Excellence

"Wow, what an asset! I need this paper shortened from 4500 words to 3000 words--- Done! I need you to make sure the flow of the paper is consistent throughout--- Done! I need a really quick turn around --- Done! Jen has proven to be an incredible asset and her expertise allows us to produce quality work without being dragged down by the monotony of editing, editing, editing. She has really helped me be more productive in my grant writing and publications!"
David Robinson, PhD
Department of Family Medicine
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Obtaining grant funding is critical in today's demanding clinical research environment. Equally important is the dissemination of research results through biomedical journals. However, many researchers lack the time and expertise required to prepare high-quality grant proposals and publishable manuscripts in addition to conducting research, teaching, and practicing medicine.

Writing Expertise

Edit Rx was created to assist researchers with their writing and editing needs. We have written successfully funded applications for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), state and private foundations and agencies, among others. We specialize in knowing the requirements for the many different types of manuscripts being published in today's biomedical journals.


Edit Rx fills a unique niche in the clinical research arena: We are here to provide you with excellent writing and editing consultation. Since 2005, we have helped to secure more than $2.8 Million in grant awards for various institutions. We save you time, get your manuscripts published, and your grant proposals funded.